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13 Funny Potty-Training Tweets That Will Make You Feel Better About Pee-Soaked Beds

Read these funny tweets and feel better about your pee-soaked bed from last night.

Potty-training is hell. Before embarking on this parenting gig, I had NO IDEA how hard this was going to be. I was sorely unprepared for how much of someone else’s poop I’d get on my actual self. How many things in my house would get soaked with pee. And how much I’d cry and day-drink.

And if you feel tempted to throw that 3-day method shit at me, please don’t.

We’ve used the 583-day method FOR EACH OF MY THREE CHILDREN, which means I’ve been basically been potty-training without a pee/poop-free week for seven. fucking. years. Instead, please bring me wine and new couches. Thanks, friends.

In the meantime, if you are stuck in the urine-filled trenches, have a laugh with these funny parents on Twitter. And go follow them for more funny tweets that will make your parenting fails seem not so bad.














There. Now don’t you feel better? Pour that glass of wine and take comfort in knowing that we’re all stepping in pee, just like you.

image credit: Valentia Powers on Flickr