New App Allows Collectors to Bankrupt Your Broke A**

New App Allows Collectors to Bankrupt Your Broke A**

By Melanie Madamba of The NotsoSuperMom

Popular crowdfunding app BankrollMe changed its policy early last month with little notice to its users. Apparently now people can withdraw funds from your campaign as long as they have reasonable proof that you owe them money.

In the frenzy of funding going on, most users ignored the 3,000-word, fine-print Account Policy Update email they received and didn’t register any change had taken place until their balances started plummeting.

Maisie Stoner noticed yesterday afternoon that there was $65.00 less in her “Midnight Munchies” fund than there was the day before. It seems that her old roommate, Karla Feeney, made a withdrawal for half of the gas bill that Maisie never gave her last winter.

Margot Schaefer’s “Tooth Fairy” campaign took a hit from her sister, Marcy, who had a text from Margot promising to contribute $50 to their sister-in-law’s baby shower gift, which she never gave. “Look, I understand that Lisa can be a real bitch sometimes, but this is for the baby. Margot can find some other way to raise money for her kids’ teeth. Or better yet, give ’em a stinking dollar like a normal parent!”

Margot could not be reached for comment.

With everyone discovering their missing money, people are tweeting to get the word out. Some have suggested that the company change its app name to BankruptMe, and the hashtag #BankruptMe is trending.

If you have a campaign currently running, it might be wise to make a speedy withdrawal and quit while you’re ahead. It’s now a distinct possibility that Tommy Jensen could make a play for that borrowed lunch money you never returned back in the fifth grade.


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