My First Litter Box is Hot New Toy of 2015 Holiday Season

My First Litter Box To Be Hot New Toy For The Holiday Season

This week retailers released a sneak peak of what is predicted to be the hot new toys for the holidays. Topping the list is the brand new My First Litter Box by Fisher Price.

Basing its design on a real litter box complete with an ergonomic scoop, the company feels sure this will be a hit for the holiday season.

“The little girls who used to dream of marrying a prince and growing up to live in a nice house with a picket fence are beginning to realize the futility of this dream. Watching their mothers struggle to look young and stay relevant have turned this generation off of the idea of marrying and having children. Younger and younger kids are beginning to watch the Golden Girls while wearing robes and eating ice cream directly out of the tub,” a spokesperson for the company stated.

“We are merely providing an inventive way for these children to prepare for a life of loneliness and solitude while encouraging imaginative play and dexterity. It takes good hand/eye coordination to scoop a litter box properly without spilling it on the floor.”

A focus group of children ranging from ages 5 to 12 was put together by the toy manufacturer to ensure the design is appealing to the youth. The children enjoyed this toy so much that a few fights broke out when they were asked to take turns with the scoop.

“I just want to play alone!” a six-year-old girl declared when asked why she scratched a fellow playmate in the face. “She was judging me! Cats don’t judge like people do!”

The company plans to release the product to retailers soon.

Accessories to go with the My First Litter Box will be out just in time for holiday shopping. These include additional scoops, play litter, and a toy cat that poops out tootsie rolls.

Additionally, the mega toy company is working with an unnamed designer to produce a line of child-sized robes and slippers.


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