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Mother Loses Tragic Battle Against Pinterest Addiction

Mother Loses Tragic Battle Against Pinterest Addiction

By Jill Morgenstern of Do Try This at Home

Emma Elliot of Nacagdoches, Texas lost a three-year battle against Pinterest addiction. She died peacefully in her sleep Wednesday in her home. 

Elliot is perhaps best known for raising awareness regarding Pinterest addiction. “She worked tirelessly for the last few years to help found the Pinterest Recovery Program,” said co-founder Jordan Samuels.

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Since Pinterest’s development in 2009, the popularity of pinning has blossomed, but few people recognize the darker side of over-pinning. “We’ve seen hundreds of new cases a month in our facility from as far away as Tampa and Reno,” Samuels told reporters. 

“It usually starts with something as innocent as serving full dinners from Mason jars. Often the over-pinner will demand that the family’s placemats be used in a portrait position rather than landscape on the table to more accurately emulate a Pinterest graphic.”

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Pinterest related deaths are estimated to claim up to 200 lives a year, mostly from self-destructive behaviors such as forgetting to eat or drink while pinning, but also from less obvious factors. One over-pinner went on a three-day pinning spree, only getting up from her computer screen to refill her wine glass.

Samuels urges families to be on the lookout for these and other signs of addiction. While previous generations had to make do with excess macraméd houseplant hangers, the era of Pinterest has seen entire homes covered in crocheted cozies.

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“If you notice any large areas of your home such as the kitchen or bedroom suddenly covered floor to ceiling in crochet OR knit work, I urge you to call the Pinterest Recovery hotline. Likewise, if you have more than three jellyfish lanterns or other crepe paper creations inside your home and are not throwing a child’s birthday party, think seriously about intervention,” pleaded Samuels.

Elliot’s family has started a foundation to continue her mission. “Of course we are all devastated that her work in Pinterest addiction was cut short,” says son Robert Elliot. However, we are all just so proud of our mother and everything she’s done to fight this terrible disease.”

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The family requests that donations be made to the Pinterest Recovery Program in lieu of flowers.


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