Mother Dares to Feed Her Child Store-Bought Hummus


Francis White was outed by a gang of fellow moms at a local playgroup for not making her own hummus on Tuesday, it has emerged.

Witnesses reported Mrs. White breaking down in tears as she admitted that, not only was the hummus she was feeding her son (Joseph, 11 months) not homemade, but it also had actually been open for four days rather than the recommended three.

This confession came after a member of the group noticed that the hummus in question was rather smooth in consistency, unlike the homemade variety that other baby-led weaning mothers were brandishing about, along with their lentil cakes and spinach muffins.

Caroline Speck, a former friend of Mrs. White, issued the following comment on behalf of the group:

“Francis is a lovely woman, but the nutrition of her children has been compromised. We all have busy lives, but to feed her children store-bought products with their healthy vegetable dip is not acceptable.

“We let it slide when we found out she was using store-bought breadsticks as snacks, but the hummus is a step too far. We can no longer associate with Francis and we are worried about the health of her children.”

A devastated Mrs. White responded, “I know I’m a terrible mother but, with three children, I just don’t have time to make hummus.

“I am ashamed that I tried to pass off the product as my own and in the future I will make sure I stay up until the early hours with my blender, even if it means my own health is compromised by lack of sleep.”

The playgroup where the incident took place has refused to comment.


About the Author

Nikki Vivian is a freelance writer and Mum to two beautiful girls. Nikki writes on parenting topics and works with Mums who are returning to work after taking time out to raise a family.