Mom Loses Her Shit on Bus Driver, Makes Fool of Self the First Week of School

Mom Loses Her Shit on Bus Driver, Makes Fool of Self the First Week of School

By Maura McCormick

A week after local schools began the 2015-16 school year, a local mom made it evident that she would not tolerate the bus driver being anything less than on time to pick her precious snowflake up for school.

Despite the bus driver trying desperately to explain her tardiness over the noise of the engine, shrieking children, and a group of parents standing twelve feet away, local mom Deeva wagged her finger in disapproval, hissing, “I don’t know WHY a BUS DRIVER is yelling at ME when she’s the one who is LATE.”

Although the arrival time of the bus had gotten marginally better as the week wore on, Deeva continued to assert her discontent with passive-aggressive comments, alleging that she called the transportation department and “told on” the bus driver.  According to Deeva, officials were “not happy.”  Other parents at the bus stop nodded in complacency, saying they were empathetic, assuming she was late for work.

“After all, she is in the healthcare field,” said Dave, a neighbor.  He admires her commitment to her job, often seeing her coming and going from next door in her blue scrubs.

The arrival time of the bus finally tapered off at 8:40 on the dot, give or take thirty seconds.  However, Deeva could not be placated until the rest of the parents started to ignore her drivel.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the other parents at the bus stop had tired of her smug rants and condescending tone.  An anonymous source says, “Did she really think that any of us needed to hear her berating a bus driver first thing in the morning?  I don’t want to miss the first ten minutes of Kelly and Michael either, but I deal with it.”

A follow up investigation has since revealed that Deeva works for a local ‘med-spa’, waxing eyebrows and assholes.  Nurse or personal groomer — both a noble cause for timeliness to work; however, the anonymous source points out, “You’re no better than the rest of us, so shut your cake-hole and start driving your kid to school.  None of us needs your drama.”