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Jason Collier Is 2021’s Tiger King. Here’s All You Need To Know.

If you haven’t fallen down the rabbit hole of the adulterous saga of Jason Collier, let me introduce you to the salacious scandal. You’re welcome.

A quick recap:

Police chief. Ordained minister. State of Texas Medal of Valor recipient. Husband to one. Fiancé to two. Boyfriend to 15 (and counting.)

The whole sordid tale is currently playing out on Facebook where over 133K of us are glued to our screens, watching the drama unfold. Move on over, Tiger King, your reign hath endeth.

A few days ago, Cecily Steinmetz (fiancée #2) posted the following picture to her Facebook page, as one does when they’re in a relationship and planning to get married.

Photo Credit: FB/Cecily Steinmetz

While the first couple of comments were the standard-issue “beautiful couple” and “look at y’all!” things quickly took a turn. South. Waaaaay south. About as far south as you can go.

After learning from a friend that Jason was currently married to Opal, his wife of 5 years, Cecily posted her own comment:


Apparently, Jason lied to Cecily and told her that he was no longer married. To prove it, he even showed her annulment papers THAT HE FALSIFIED. Double daaaammmmmn.

Photo Credit: FB/Cecily Steinmetz

And just when you think it can’t possibly get any worse, it does. So much worse. Because Jason? Is sitting on a throne of lies. Lies, lies, and more lies. Which begs the question, how does he keep it all straight?

A second fiancée, Kristi Shaffer, came forward in the comment thread, and the two ladies began comparing notes. Here is just a smattering of the lies Liar Mcliarsen told:

  • Told both of them he wanted to get married soon.
  • Bought each of them a coffee maker as a gift.
  • Told Cecily “his plan was to move here to Amarillo from Borger (with me), get married, retire in December and then do the other job full time. He even was planning out where he could put his desk in my house close to mine since I work from home.”
  • Told Kristi “supposedly he’s in the running for a position in Gillette Wyoming…I was in contact with realtors and he and I had looked at what homes we wanted since I have five kids and he has two and we’d be much closer to my parents. But then suddenly he was offered a position making $230,000 in Louisiana and he thinks his ‘ex’ meaning current wife, not first wife, put in a good word for him and he would manage private contracting or training in New Orleans. So we were planning to build a barndominium together.”
  • Told Kristi he was on assignment in Portland but was in Taos with Cecily all weekend.
  • Told Cecily he was on his way to “testify at a parole hearing in Kansas” when he was actually on his way to see Kristi.
  • Told Cecily he was “in Lubbock helping his disabled brother” when he was really with Kristi fixing a broken window.
  • Claimed to have a “side job with the government going to riots/national emergencies” and worked the Christmas Day Nashville bombing.

Amongst all the back and forth between new BFFs Cecily and Kristi, another one of Jason’s girlfriends showed up for the party.

Having trouble keeping up? You’re not alone. There’s A LOT to unpack.

Here’s a handy infographic to help you:

The question on EVERYBODY’S mind? Dude, where did you find the time and the energy for all the lies? We’re exhausted just thinking about it.

According to Kristi, all the lying, cheating, and dirty dog tricks took their toll on Jason.

Self-induced stress. That’s one way to say it.

The saga has even spawned its own Facebook group of like-minded people pushing for a Netflix series. It’s already garnered over 133K members.

And while the majority of people posting are all about getting more deets on Jason and his exploits, one guy has decided to capitalize on Jason Collier’s downfall. He has taken the opportunity to post his dating profile (and all you single ladies, he won’t do you dirty like Jason.)

In all seriousness, these aren’t characters in some Netflix or Lifetime movie. These are REAL women with REAL lives who have been manipulated, gas-lighted, and deceived by a master. IT IS SERIOUSLY MESSED UP. As for Jason? His web of deceit is unraveling and so is his life. He has been suspended from his job with the Stinnett Police pending an investigation with the department issuing the following statement:

As for Cecily, she hopes that her viral Facebook post will be a warning to anyone else who has been conned by Collier or someone like him. You can view her post here: