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28 Hysterical Memes About the Kids Being Back at School

The last weeks of summer felt like a gift from God. Sure, we knew we’d have to do the dreaded back-to-school shopping and make sure the kids were ready to resume normally scheduled programming, but we were excited to no longer have to entertain our rabid little honey badgers 24/7. We were excited for some semblance of FREEDOM once the kids went back to school.

But then school actually started and … well … the grass is always greener, I suppose.

Now, instead of having to listen to our children complain about being bored or having to referee WWF-level sibling fights, we’ve got to make lunches, attend meet the teacher nights and after-school events, drive our kids to millions of extracurricular activities, and help with homework. GOD, the homework. So as thrilled as we were to hand our little bundles of joy back over to the teachers, we now realize it’s a lot more complicated. We’re not gonna lie — it has its benefits. But it also has its downsides.

That’s why these memes about how parents REALLY feel about the kids being back in school are everything. Because if we have to question our own sanity from time to time, at least we can question it together.

Check out these fellow parents’ hilarious takes on the brand new school year, and be sure to click on the images to follow them for more funny.

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*sigh* Love it or hate it, school is here to stay. Guess we’d better get right with it sooner rather than later.