Lord knows we could use a little ingenuity when it comes to fighting climate change, even if it does mean mulching yaself.
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Human Composting Might Be Legalized in Colorado

Great news for those who love gardening and dead bodies! Colorado is looking at legalizing the composting of human remains so you can combine your two faves… FOREVER.

So far, Washington is the only state in the U.S. that allows folks the option to return to the Earth in this particular way. However, the bill in Colorado, SB21-006, seems to be very close to being passed, making it an option for those who find themselves in the position of needing to make end-of-life plans.

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Now before you start making plans on how to make Nana’s special pomodoro recipe using tomatoes made with Nana herself, just be aware that the body compost soil can’t be sold or used to grow food meant for human consumption. It also doesn’t allow the soil of multiple people to be mixed or combined, so make sure to edit your love sonnets accordingly.

According to the Denver Post, there’s a business in Washington already offering this service called Recompose. Recompose created a system for green burials that doesn’t use chemicals to speed up the decomposition process, excellent news for your crunchy friends who like to keep it organic. Their process was inspired by the fact that livestock farmers were using composting for animals, and honestly, that’s all our dumb homo sapiens asses are- animals. Their process involves putting the corpses into stacked layers of natural materials and just letting nature do its thang. Oh my hippy heart!

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Like most things, if this were to pass it would be subject to some pretty strict guidelines, such as what’s already happening in Washington. This includes temperatures, odors, and other issues in the decomposition process. Who knew letting the Earth reclaim you could be so bureaucratic? Just turf me in a ditch and get on with it, yeeeesh!

Aside from being the sort of thing to fantasize about as you nibble on your coconut chips from Whole Foods, it’s also a more environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional cremation, which uses fossil fuels and contributes to carbon emissions. Now you can LIVE AND DIE GREEN BABY!

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Hopefully the bill passes and more places can consider alternative options for end-of-life. Lord knows we could use a little ingenuity when it comes to fighting climate change, even if it does mean mulching yaself.