How to Make Your Life as a Mom More Difficult in Just ONE Easy Step!

How to Make Your Life as a Mom More Difficult in Just ONE Easy Step!

By Sarah Jean of

It’s no secret that being a parent is oftentimes very difficult. But when your kids finally outgrow certain annoying stages of their childhood, you may find yourself missing all that difficulty. In this event, you might be looking for something to fill that void. Well, I’ve figured out how to do just that in ONE easy step!

Step One: Buy your children hamsters.*

For optimal difficulty, you must make sure the number of pets you purchase matches the number of children you have. If you get multiple pets, try to make sure they have identical markings so your children can argue over which one is theirs.

Getting pets will do wonderful things for your family:

  • It will teach your children responsibility while, at the same time, giving you one more thing to remind them they need to do.
  • With all the mess that gets made as your children “help” to feed the animals, it will give you a reason to vacuum more frequently.
  • It adds just one more thing to distract your children while they should be cleaning up their toys, getting ready for bed, or getting ready for school.**
  • It also helps if you have a husband who just can’t pass up a deal on Craigslist and purchases another hamster cage with extra sets of tubing to connect the two cages, making it more time consuming and annoying to clean them out.
  • If you’re lucky like we were, your hamsters will be brothers that don’t get along and squeak and squeak any time they’re near each other. This way, you will have more fights to break up during the day, even when your kids are at school!

So what are you waiting for?! Follow this one easy step and start making your life as a mom more difficult today!

*I imagine that any furry pet would work just as well.

**Added bonus for getting the animals the same week that school starts.


About the Author

Sarah Jean lives in New England with her husband and two wonderful children whom she loves dearly, in small increments throughout the day, in between their whining, crying, screaming, and fighting. She writes about it to make herself laugh. You can find more from her on, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.