Health Blog Headlines For Pioneer Times

By Mandi Em of Healthy Living for Hot Messes

15 healthy snacks to keep you fueled up while churning butter and cutting prairie sod for Martha’s rooftop

Can bumping around in your wagon stimulate ovulation? We asked 10 women’s husbands if we could ask them and find out!

Mindful milking- how your chores can double as self care!

How I lost over 50 lbs by repeatedly ploughing dry unforgiving soil in the midwest heat- and how you can too!

8 adorably modest outfits your daughters will love until they accidentally die of dysentery

The surprising way your sexual repression makes you better at churning butter

10 minute HIIT- blast your arms and thighs by picking up boulders from over here and neatly stacking them over there

Personal Development- how to remain optimistic even though you have a 1 in 10 chance of dying in childbirth and you’re pregnant for the 12th time

20 simple and healthy meals using only flour, lard and milk that has never seen the icy kiss of refrigeration

What stretching vigorously beside the swelling river taught me about life (and how fast I can run)

15 essential oils that will definitely maybe be effective against cholera

All the best stretches to help you recover from the injuries you sustained by stampeding livestock

Xoga- the new craze of doing yoga with your stoic God-fearing oxen

New report finds that burning grass fires help ward off the pious disapproval of your dead ancestors

Experts say that singing bloated melancholy hymnals will help your crops grow by 2.6%

14 workouts to help you (maybe) survive the winter

Pilates on the plains- the new workout that’s taking the wagon circle by storm

Organic or local? The world is your oyster when you literally shit where you eat!


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Mandi Em is the content creator for Healthy Living for Hot Messes, a humourous wellness and adulting blog. Mandi can usually be found whining about her kids on Twitter and posting pictures of her food and nonsense on Instagram, and Facebook.