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KY High School in Hot Water Over Teens in Lingerie Lap-Dancing on Staff (Among Other Things)

A Hazard, Kentucky high school is having a moment, and none of it is good. The school is under investigation after pictures of male students dressed in lingerie and seemingly lap-dancing on staff appeared online. There are even pictures of students being paddled.

I’ll give you a minute because what follows is worse.

One of the staff members on the receiving end of the lap-dancing is the school’s principal. He’s also the town’s mayor. His name is Happy Mobelini (OMG, of course it is). And video obtained by a local news station shows female students decked out in Hooters outfits and carrying mugs that look as though they have beer in them.

All of this prompts the question, “TF is going on in Hazard, Kentucky?”

The school was allegedly celebrating homecoming with a little number called the “Man Pageant,” according to one Twitter user:

Perhaps worst of all? Somebody had the great idea to post the evidence publicly on the school’s athletics site. The imagery has since been deleted (I MEAN I WOULD HOPE SO).

Understandably, many parents, community members, and heck, citizens of the nation are more than a little concerned by the display.

Students, however, claim everyone is blowing the whole thing out of proportion, with one senior, John Mackslover, stating, ““I think that everyone’s taking it way too far. Every year up to this year, I would say they’re just as vulgar, as you would put it.”


Hello, Houston? Hazard, Kentucky has a problem if this is going on every year.

This pep rally makes all those bachelorette parties I attended in my twenties look wholesome.

Can you imagine what the football game and homecoming dance are like if this is just the pre-game? Rebellious teenagers everywhere stan.

Meanwhile, the superintendent, Sondra Combs, who is undoubtedly banging her head against the wall and counting down the days left to retirement, released a statement saying an investigation is underway and “appropriate action will be taken.”

Principal No-so-Happy-Anymore Mobelini is directing all questions to the superintendent’s office.