Atlanta hairstylist Heidi Lee Oley goes viral after styling her boyfriend's hair and posting hilarious celebrity recreations on social media.
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Hairstylist Experiments on Boyfriend to Escape Quarantine Boredom

Atlanta hairstylist Heidi Lee Oley and her boyfriend, Geoffrey Clark, are making the most out of social distancing by creating a series of glamour shots and posting them to Instagram

The photographs, which show Clark sporting updos, dreadlocks, and accessories—mimicking celebrity hairstyles with a humorous twist—first emerged on March 20, when the two got bored after escaping the city to Oley’s cabin in North Georgia.

“I just had this bright idea to curl his hair and turn him into George Washington,” she told TODAY. She added that her personal favorite (so far) was Princess Leia.

Heidi Lee Oley Instagram

From Amy Winehouse to Geoff’s first prom, Oley has been using her talents to ward off monotony and entertain fellow isolators online, and the result is internet gold.  

Heidi Lee Oley Instagram

Below are some of my picks.

Tiger King enthusiast, Geoff Exotic.

Heidi Lee Oley Instagram

Tatted up hopeful, Geoff Malone.

Heidi Lee Oley Instagram

And of course, we mustn’t exclude Punk Rock Boy. “So my blow dryer broke when i was 3/4 of the way finished so this is what ya get,” wrote Oley. “We still have aqua net. ❤️”

Heidi Lee Oley Instagram

As the world struggles to comprehend the global terror that lurks outside, Oley says she hopes people enjoy seeing the fun looks that she and Clark put together.

“There’s no need for judgment (at any time), but especially at a time like this,” she said. “It’s just fun.”

Her boyfriend, a pin-up for all things joyful, could not agree more. 

“I like that we’re making people smile,” Clark told TODAY. “We get a lot of comments from people who are out there—the health care workers and stuff—who say they love coming home and seeing a new picture of me.”

Though the couple says they aren’t planning to keep up with the shenanigans daily, they did mention that Geoff’s alter ego could reappear biweekly, or even weekly, once the COVID-19 pandemic is over. 

Who knows, maybe Geoff will get a wild hair and take a stab at vocals because I would love to see what he would do with Dee Snider.