Why fart into the void when you can shoot wind directly into the heart of a lucky admirer, amirite?
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Fart-Camming Mom Makes 4k Per Month Tooting on OnlyFans

Move over selling-foot-pics-on-OnlyFans, there’s a new bitch in town and she’s called selling-videos-of-your-butt-trumpets-on-OnlyFans!

According to LADBible, Emma Martin, a 48-year-old mother of two, is raking in around $4,000 a month selling premium videos of herself FARTING on OnlyFans.

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Go ahead and cry into your student loan papers, it’s ok, we’ll wait.

Martin, who is married and whose husband is aware of her (back)side-gig, engages in “flatulence camming,” and has done so for a long ass time. Since 1999 in fact.

Now, before the haters go off about how this is easy money or whatever, know this – Emma Martin puts her all into her professional air biscuits. Apparently she keeps up a diet that really enables her to answer the call of the wild burrito. This diet includes Mexican food, beans, coleslaw, and other gaseous cuisine.

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Her handle for the site is @FartinTart; however, she also makes some direct sales and custom content for those of her clients who want something a little more intimate. Why fart into the void when you can shoot wind directly into the heart of a lucky admirer, amirite?

Although it might seem kind of weird and WTF-ish to those of us with more mainstream desires, there are certainly many folks out there with a major hankering for some exhaling anus action. This shit ain’t a recent thing either. Just ask James Joyce’s beloved wife Nora (link not safe for life, really).

So the next time you’re feeling embarrassed about launching your new Etsy or website, just know this: it takes all kinds to make a world and that’s a wonderful thing. Whatever you’re sitting on is just as relevant and important as this woman’s booty blasts. And if that doesn’t help, then it’s good medicine to know that your IBS just might be your superpower.

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If all else fails, you can just take solace in knowing that there’s the potential to cheek squeak your way to glory and a comfortable lifestyle.