Great game to all the Joshes, and a very special congrats to the man of the hour, Little Ultimate Josh!
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Epic “Josh Fight” Gives the World Some Much-Needed Levity

As we all witnessed back when the idea to storm Area 51 was a thing, the internet loves when memes take to the streets, coming alive in the messy unpredictable meatspace. Lucky for us we got to see this happen again, when the much-hyped “Josh Fight” took place in Lincoln, Nebraska last weekend.

It all started a year ago when Josh Swain, a college student from Tucson, Arizona messaged a bunch of other folks named Josh Swain on Facebook, challenging them to a duel to take place a year later on April 24th, 2021.

The original Josh (for lack of a better way to differentiate) gave coordinates for the battle, and the instructions that they had one year to prepare. He stated that the winner could keep the name, and the losers had to change theirs. Seems like a fairly stable way to make friends with some like-monikered strangers, right?

The challenge went viral, and eventually picked up more contestants- folks named Josh, not only Josh Swains were contenders now. Sure enough, on April 24th, 2021, a couple thousand Joshes showed up to the “Battle of the Joshes” armed with pool noodles and their own bare fists for doing rock paper scissors. OKAY.


Now here’s where the heartwarming part comes in. The winner of the battle to be crowned as the ULTIMATE JOSH wound up being “Little Josh,” a 4 year old kid who won a paper Burger King Crown and the hearts of people watching all over the world. Out of all the Joshes that showed up for the epic smackdown, the littlest, cutest guy won and we’re all super here for it TBH.


The event was livestreamed for those who couldn’t make it to Nebraska to watch in-person, and it also raised money for the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center Foundation in Omaha. Little Josh, a.k.a. The Ultimate Josh, spent time at the hospital when he was 2 for seizures, making it a fitting win and proper superhero story. The Joshes who battled also donated almost a ton of food to the Lincoln food bank.

What a sweet story to cleanse the palate after a tough year of reading the dumpster fire that’s the news. Great game to all the Joshes, and a very special congrats to the man of the hour, Little Ultimate Josh!