Couple Who Never Wanted Children Makes a Shocking Announcement

Couple Who Never Wanted Children Makes a Shocking Announcement

By Liv of Live By Surprise

Friends and relatives of Marcia Walters and Paul Pico were stunned yesterday to learn that the couple was pregnant. After years of protesting that they didn’t want to have children at family parties, weddings, and funerals, the couple, married for five years this week, surprised everyone with their news.

Family matriarch, Marcia’s Aunt Grizelda, said, “I’d been after those two to have kids since they announced they were getting married.” Other family members agreed that it was always the first thing mentioned in conversation with the couple.

“Oh yes,” recounted Marcia’s cousin Polly Hockington. “We have three kids already and number four is coming in November. I kept asking about Marcia’s cycle and whether her cervical mucus was the right consistency.” Her husband agreed. “They mentioned they weren’t going to have kids, but I told them about all the best positions to get it done.”

Paul’s family was also pleased. His Aunt Rena, 89, suggested, “After five years, I thought that perhaps they were experiencing some issues with infertility – I always had IVF pamphlets for when we met and provided them with a referral to the specialist my niece went to.” Her husband, Uncle Phil, 92, added, “I asked him point blank if there was a problem in the bedroom department. I gave him my tips for keeping The General standing at attention. I always picture Rena in the nightgown she wore the night we got married. I even gave Paul a picture of it from last year to help him out.”

“I never pressured them,” said Marcia’s mother Cecile Walters. “I have multiple large pictures of all my other grandkids on the photo wall, but there was a small picture of their wedding there, too.”

When asked about their seeming resistance to have children, Marcia said, “Well, I’d read a lot of literature on the overpopulation of the planet and global warming and didn’t really want to contribute to the problem.”

“It’s true,” Paul added. “I read somewhere that an American child’s carbon footprint is 200 times the size of an average Ethiopian’s, 12 times bigger than that of someone in India, and even twice as big as the average person living in the U.K. We just didn’t want to be a part of that.”

When asked what changed, Marcia said, “It  was what Aunt Grizelda said at the annual Walters Family picnic: ‘Don’t be selfish.’  It changed everything.  Paul and I looked at each other, and I grabbed his hand, took him right out to the car, and we got the deed done right then and there.”

The couple are expecting twins in January.

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