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Clip-On Man Buns Are Here to Haunt Your Dreams

By Joanna McClanahan of Ramblin’ Mama

The man bun has been popularized by Hollywood celebrities as well as guys who enjoy playing ‘Wonderwall’ on their obscure instrument of choice.

It’s a hairstyle that screams, “I have the fashion sense of someone with a very specific kind of gluten allergy.”

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Sadly, not all men are able to grow a luxurious douche donut man bun themselves. If you’re in that category, or just in the market for the perfect accessory to match your pretend tattoo sleeves and vape pen, you’re in luck! Because clip-on man buns are here:

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That’s right! This attachable hipster hairpiece lets you have the confidence you need…by strapping a fake bun to your head. How to know if the clip-on man bun is right for you:

  • You have a handlebar mustache
  • You own furniture made from reclaimed wood
  • You spend at least 20% of your time talking about said furniture
  • You don’t watch TV
  • You spend at least 30% of your time telling people you don’t watch TV
  • You honestly believe that gluten-free baked goods taste delicious
  • You refer to others (and/or are regularly referred to) as “Bro” or “Brah”
  • You own a hoverboard and/or selfie stick
  • You own multiple cats
  • You’re “not into labels” and yet have no problem labeling others
  • You give people unwarranted backrubs
  • You use the word “hashtag” out loud
  • Your self-awareness in general leaves much to be desired

You never know when a woman will want to hear all about your podcast or listen to you explain the tenets of Feminism. Luckily, with the clip-on man bun, you’ll be ready at a moment’s notice!

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Perhaps more importantly, you’ll be able to remove it just as quickly once you realize it looks ridiculous.