Baby in Bear Onesie Makes Local Moms Consider Additional Child


A picture of a baby in a bear-style onesie posted in a local Facebook group has a lot of moms wondering if they should have an additional child of their own.

Although Claire Lee Dunn, mother of three, was sure she wasn’t having any more, she couldn’t help but think that maybe she should have a baby after seeing the picture in question.

“I mean, I’m 36, so maybe I just think I should have another baby while I still can. But did you see the bear onesie? The logical part of my brain knows I don’t want to have to change diapers for another four years, but OMG, IT HAS EARS ON IT,” said Dunn.

The baby fever appears to be contagious. Another local mom, Faye Kasell, said she empathizes with Dunn.

“I still haven’t decided if we’re going to have another one. I mean, ‘we’ haven’t decided. But the second I saw this bear onesie, I immediately started a new Pinterest page called ‘Another baby??’

“We already have two boys, and I haven’t slept in five years, but the chance of having a little girl might be worth it.

“The bear onesie also comes in pink and creme. I’ve already added all three styles to my Amazon cart. You know, just in case,” said Kasell.

But not all of the neighborhood moms had heart-eyed ovaries over the baby bear jumpsuit. Another mother of two, Gladys Ofer, said she isn’t interested in having another child.

“Helllllllll Nahhhhh,” said Ofer. “The kids are older and I don’t have to potty train ever again. There’s no way you could pay me to start over. Like, yes, the bear suit is cute. But you know what’s even cuter? Kids who sleep through the night.”