Author: Toni Hammer

Every mom deserves a night off right? But not everyone else in the family thinks they can fend for themselves. So here are 5 kinda sorta non-traditional "recipes" that anyone can make. Really. Even you.
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Make Your Own Stupid Dinner

I am a tired mom of two toddlers and some days getting out of bed seems like too much effort. Making dinner, the last real task I have to complete before putting the kids to bed, takes so much thought and effort and fortitude, and sometimes I just don’t have […]

This is Motherhood

This Is Motherhood

Motherhood is changing your clothes seven times a day because your newborn won the silver medal in spitting up. Motherhood is changing your clothes four times a day because your outfit is considered a giant kleenex. Motherhood is throwing caution to the wind and just heading out into the world […]

The Overwhelming
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The Overwhelming

I am suffering from a condition I am referring to as “The Overwhelming.” My entire life is in some way touched by this malady and it really, really sucks. We’ve had some upsetting medical news recently which has shaken up our lives, as well as our diet, and stresses me […]