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Angry Mom Avoids Posting Nasty Comment, Life as We Know It Persists

Angry Mom Refrains From Posting Nasty Comment on Article

By Emily Ramirez of Hold Me, Don’t Hold Me

An angry mom in Decatur surprised everyone yesterday when she chose not to leave a nasty comment on an article posted to friend’s Facebook feed regarding breastfeeding in public.

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Known for her tendency to start every comment with, “That’s just stupid,” Angry Mom has quickly made a name for herself by making it a habit of expressing her disdain for anything and everything related to parenting that shows up on her Facebook feed.

When asked why she chose to practice restraint in this one instance, she shrugged her shoulders and stated dully, “I forgot my phone when I went to take a dump, and then it slipped my mind.”

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It wasn’t until later in the day when LOL At Everything Mom posted on the same article that Angry Mom remembered she had an opinion she had felt worth sharing, but when she went to find the article, she had a change of heart. “It was buried too far in my Facebook feed. I just didn’t have the energy to search for it today,” she added while lazily bringing a cold cup of coffee to her lips.

LOL Mom and Incomprehensible Mom Who Uses Random Capital Letters And Often Adds Unnecessary Periods temporarily got into a scuffle over the original article, but once it was made clear that LOL Mom wasn’t actually laughing at Incomprehensible Mom’s terrible grammar, all was well, and the comment section rapidly filled up with a lengthy exchange of smiley faces and clapping-hand emojis.

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No comments of real value were left in the comment section, leaving the original poster to wonder if anyone actually read the article in the first place.

As to whether Angry Mom will continue to refrain from posting negative comments on everything she reads in the future, she’s non-committal, stating, “Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. You got a problem with that, asshole?”

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About the Author

Emily Ramirez is a SAHM who blogs on her mostly humorous parenting site, Hold Me, Don’t Hold Me. She can be found on Facebook, filling comment threads with emojis of cats, and on Twitter.