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Amazon Offers Prime Discount To People On Gov Assistance, Middle Class Woman Loses Her Mind

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Amazon recently announced it is offering a discount on Prime membership to qualifying customers with an EBT card, and at least one woman is already bitching about it.

In case you are fortunate enough not to know what an EBT card is, they are used to access government assistance programs, such as WIC (Women, Infants, and Children Nutrition) and SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).

Middle class woman Barbara Burger took to Amazon’s Facebook page to complain about this grave injustice:

EBT rant

Damn those poor folks! They get all the breaks!

But seriously, Barbara: Shut the fuck up. Let me break it down for you.

First of all, Amazon is offering a $5 monthly discount to these folks. It’s not like they’re stuffing a bag of uncut diamonds into every shipment – it’s five freaking dollars.

Secondly, this is Amazon, a corporation, offering a discount. It’s not like your tax dollars are paying for this. This is no different than companies who offer discounts to AAA members. (Except that people who need help buying food may be more in need of a discount than people who can afford to pay for roadside assistance.)

To reiterate: THIS LITERALLY DOES NOT AFFECT YOU NEGATIVELY AT ALL. It’s not as if Amazon is increasing the amount you have to pay so that they can give a discount to someone else. You are not worse off because this is happening. Nobody is taking anything away from you.

Thankfully, I’m not the only person who feels this way. Here are a few of the comments Barbara’s whiny rant garnered:

“Im sorry, all I heard was ‘Wah, I *voluntarily* pay for something and dont like that someone can get cheaper’. Would you complain that the kids of low income parents pay less for school lunch? Better yet, i dont think I want to know the answer.”

“How hard is it for you people to give a little to those who have so little. Being able to have necessities delivered right to your doors when you have no transportation is a god send. Not having to pack your kids into a day long bus trip just to get groceries or formula isn’t too much to ask. Be grateful you can afford the prime….and food….and rent.”

“I would checked my account settings and change password if I were you. I think some cold, heartless person may have hacked you and put this mean soulless diatribe up here about something that doesn’t hurt you personally at all.”

What’s it like going through life without the ability to feel any compassion for anyone but yourself?”

“Barbara, you are a special kind of awful. Also I disagree with your statement that you are middle class, you are clearly zero class.”

“You’re one of those people who don’t tip your server and instead leave a little card with a Bible verse on it, aren’t you?”

How about this, I’ll trade you your job, your paycheck, your middle class home and car for my ebt money (all $16 per month of it can be yours!), my house in a bad area of town, and all of my disabilities just so you can pay about $25 less a year for Prime. Sound good?”

“And Jesus said unto them, ‘When the least of these receives a discount, unto the company thou shalt complain.'”

“Barbara Burger, are you angry that you have to pay more taxes than the president you voted for does?”

I’m on a diet so I think all grocery stores should limit what everyone can buy because it’s unfair that everyone can eat everything but me…”

“Jesus Wept. Want to know why? Probably because of people like you.”

Your privilege is showing. You might want to tuck that back in…”

“When I look up ‘entitled’ in the dictionary, I find your picture.”

“I started a prayer circle for all your first world problems.”

“You’re entitled to their special ‘C*NTY’ discount, Babs.”

“You seem like the kind of person to steal a $20 out of the offertory plate if you thought no one was watching.”

“‘I’m tired of being treated as a second class citizen, just because I’m middle class.’ That is hilariously ironic.”

“So you’re basically saying that since some people are homeless, and you have the ability to afford to buy a benefit, you should be offered a discount, just because…please tell me that you didn’t breed.”

“Let me guess, you want a discount for being a crotchety old person too.”

Greedy, selfish excuse of a human. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits.”

“Probably hates the homeless because they have no house payment.”

It’s not often that the Facebook comment section restores my faith in humanity rather than further destroying it. For that, Barbara, thank you.