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10 Memes That Show How Moms Are Physical Superhumans

For centuries women have been regarded as the softer sex, characterized by our emotion and kindness and the ability to have empathy for others. Although you can’t paint all people with the same brush, traditionally, women have been regarded as being less ego-driven and impulsive and more nurturing and loving.

The funny thing about this is that women are tough as hell. From the heels we walk in, to the emotional loads we carry, we are strong as fuck. This is doubly true of mothers – we carry an even heavier load to foster the stability of our families. In many cases, mothers come to be through a type of marathon, physical limit-pushing that’s impossible to describe. From pregnancy to childbirth, motherhood comes along with a type of physical endurance and boundary-crushing that is almost superhuman.

From the things we do for beauty, to the things we can do in our day-to-day of “doing it all,” women and mothers set themselves apart as physical powerhouses, the likes of which Marvel could learn a thing or two from.

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1. There is no temperature that could possibly match or best the intensity of a mom. We’re basically the Khaleesis of car line.

2. We endure physical horrors, the likes of which you couldn’t possibly prepare for, and yet we still carry on and raise these kids like super-mega-wonder-women.

3. Women aren’t to be trifled with; we fuck ourselves up and call it a spa day.

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4. And did I mention that some moms are born in a fiery display of painful vaginal whatthefuckery??

5. I mean, some of us are practically the internal equivalent of Mister Potato Head, and yet we keep on keepin’ on!

6. You don’t even want to catch us with both hands free; that’s some next-level superhero shit.

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7. Did I mention that we aren’t to be fucked with? We’re practically made of steel, don’t be testing us.

8. Some of us were once a luxury resort/life support system while we also continued, ya know, working and doing all the other shit we had to do for our own lives. No biggie, amirite?

9. The weaker sex? Please. We’re physical marvels that torture ourselves for fun. When you approach us, do so with awe and reverence.

10. Unless you birthed a watermelon from your anus today, keep the questions to yoself.

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Never doubt the strength and physical superpowers of women. We’ve been through some shit, and still manage to look good and stay cool.

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