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15 Hilarious Tweets That Illustrate The Messy Truth About Chores

If there’s one constant in life it’s cleaning. For some reason, living in absolute squalor is frowned upon, which is a cold hard shame considering the fact that bitches be tired and surrounded by tiny people who like to make the biggest mess.

Some will say that parents have gone soft and that we should be giving our kids more chores to occupy their idle hands and help take a load off of us. Well, I don’t know how you did it in your day, Gertrude McJudgey-Pants, but I can tell you that that shit is way easier said than done. My neglected chore chart over there beside the huge pile of discarded socks and Lego that “aren’t my problem” would agree.

But that isn’t to say we shouldn’t keep trying. After all, if we don’t keep giving our kids chores, then how else will they learn for when they grow up and their lives are a never-ending clean-fest? Keep wishing for adulthood, little buddy, it’ll bite ya!

Here’s what some of the funny people of twitter had to say about chores, keeping clean, and the division of labor in the home.

1. So true, it hurts

2. Improvisation, mostly

3. We all grow up and face reality

4. Hot tip

5. Finding common ground in the most unlikely places


6. It’s simple math

7. So much for “not my responsibility”

8. It’s like having ALL of the Infinity Stones

9. If you’re in the market for some new chores, a great way to get them is to voice your unsolicited opinion

10. Some of “our” chores are just yours


11. He also has a “power off” button, so there’s that

12. Its like chore vortex- a choretex


14. Selective hearing for the win

15. Lies hurt, fam


The sad truth behind all those names on your chore chart, is that they’re all lies. It’s simply all you.

If you have a friend who could use a laugh between mountains of laundry and picking up juice box wrappers, then make sure to share this list! A little laugh is just what the doctor ordered while picking fish crackers out of the couch and scrubbing crayon off the walls.