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The Funniest Tweets Celebrating National Grammar Day

National Grammar Day is here, also known as the day many people correct their friends and family under the guise of being celebratory. And while most people associate grammar and syntax with standard English, here’s a fun fact: non-standard dialects of English also have their own rules governing usage. (Don’t believe me? Ask a linguist.)

The elitism often associated with proper language use notwithstanding, occasions such as today get my motor running, and not just because I have an excuse to wear my “There, Their, They’re” t-shirt. As an English teacher and fellow language lover myself, I simply can’t resist a good grammar joke, and of all days in the year, this one delivers.

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That’s because grammarians and logophiles nationwide are embracing this holiday for word nerds, dusting off their corny jokes and sharing their haughty humor with wild abandon. And if grammar grins are your cup of tea, then Twitter is your joie de vivre.

We’ve collected some of the most hilarious tweets celebrating National Grammar Day for your amusement, so sit back, relax, and set your red pens down for a hot minute. You’re going to want to give these funnies your full focus.

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I think we’re all feeling self-conscious and anxious at this point, Jennifer. There, their, they’re. (I’ll show myself out.)