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A Boyfriend’s Plea For Help Buying Leggings Has The Internet Laughing

Ahhh, the age-old tale of sending your partner to the store with the simple task of picking something up only to have it blow up in your face. This all-too-familiar story is one many of us with significant others have had the displeasure of experiencing on more than one occasion. And, if you’re this lucky lady (and by that I mean me), you’ve more than learned your lesson sending your husband to the store to pick up pads and, after talking him through the purchase for over 30 minutes, having him return home with Depends instead. Yes, that’s a true story.

One woman felt this struggle when sending her boyfriend to pick up leggings and decided to share the hilarity with Twitter. His texts tell a story of so much confusion, curiosity and frustration when he became more than overwhelmed with the wide array of choices.

While reading his texts that span a mere 5 minutes, you have the privilege of witnessing this poor man’s downward spiral into utter defeat.

He starts out with a valid question about the ridiculous amount of options that lay before him, which soon leads into serious curiosity about the zipper vs. no zipper debate. He quickly becomes beaten down as he laments, “I’m feeling overwhelmed,” followed by some humor with his comment, “No wonder the number of women with anxiety is on the rise.”

What then? The result is pure gold. Most men would wave that white flag and turn back around the way they came. Not this man. He stuck it out, even if the result was him lying on the floor in the fetal position.

The rest of his remarks bring some much-needed comedic relief to the situation, as his pleas for help detail how he’s “been in this shop for five days now.” He even reminisces about missing the sun and sends his final farewell and ‘I love yous’ to family and friends, because who knows when or if he’ll have the chance to see or talk to them again when he’s being swallowed whole by the enormous selection of leggings?

This post, which has since gone viral, leaves you not only laughing, but also feeling an enormous amount of pity for this poor boyfriend who obviously didn’t know what he signed up for until he had a meltdown at the store. As it has been liked over 69,000 times with 17,000 retweets, everyone is taking to the comments to share and commiserate with their own personal experiences of sending their partners on an arguably simple task that wound up being anything but simple.

This difficulty doesn’t just plague boyfriends or husbands, though. We women are no innocent parties in this whole relationship struggle – or at least, I don’t claim to be.

Upon arrival to the nut and bolt aisle at Home Depot one time, for example, I was completely overwhelmed by the sight of overflowing bins, bags and assorted varieties of small metal pieces. As soon as I arrived on the scene, I awkwardly made that 180 turn and high-tailed it the eff out of there. Initially, I felt like a failure, but having never been sent back there since, I think I won in the end.

So if there’s any takeaway here, it’s this: Sending your boyfriend to the store to buy leggings will undoubtedly result in him issuing a desperate SOS, and sending your husband to the store to buy pads will make you the proud owner of adult diapers.

It’s science.