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21 Hilarious Memes That Show Moms Just Wanna Go To Bed Early

We were all young once. I remember laying in my bed, closing my eyes tightly and wishing for the day that I’d be old enough to do what I want and stay up late. I’d think of all the fun things I would do, all the adventures I’d have, and all the life that could be lived past 9pm. Well, I got my wish, and I’m a grownup now, and all I can say is that sleep is wasted on the young!

With age and parenthood came one singular desire that I hold above all. The desire to turn in early. There was a time once when I wanted to travel, and do a bunch of fun things, but now my main goal in life is to get my ass back into bed at as early a time as possible.

Being awake is overrated. It’s loud, people-y and full of shit to do. Being in bed is comfy, soothing, non-judgemental, and full of very low expectations to live up to. The only issue that comes along with this goal is it can really interfere with your productivity and social life. When you can only get things done after your kids go to bed, you are stuck choosing between sleep and all that other stuff that still needs attention. And sorry, but sleep always wins.

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1. Hope you’re ready for all this tired bitch energy

2. Sounds like you have a wise woman up in there

3. Always caught between worlds

4. I really want to be your friend, but daylight hours only please

5. Gosh, I’m just so busy

6. This sounds like a fun little Saturday

7. Living the dream

8. Going home is the MOST lit

9. I get excited for their bedtime because that means I can have MY bedtime

10. We take frequent breaks so we stay well-rested

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11. The most peaceful kind of party TBH

12. Put me to bed early, I beg of you!

13. Oop, that’s enough for me

14. Oh that’ll run until about 9, let me think on it

15. WOW

16. It’s on the list, I swear

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17. Fall asleep where you party

18. Hey, we can judge her for her choices too, just sayin’

19. Hitting the jackpot!

20. It’s not easy being so reckless

21. Any plans that start at 9 are just offensive now


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Cheers to early bedtimes, friend!

Momming and adulting is hard AF; you deserve to tuck in early.

Make sure to share this list with your #oldladyvibes squad, since meme sharing is an acceptable form of social interaction that doesn’t require pants OR leaving the house. SCORE!