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You Can Win $20,000 For Completing This Haunted House, If You Dare

The owner of what is considered to be the scariest haunted house in the USA, known as McKamey Manor, is offering $20,000 to the first person who can make it through to the end.

The entrance fee? A mere bag of dog food. And your soul.


The McKamey Manor horror tour is available at two locations, one in Summertown, Tennessee and the other in Huntsville, Alabama. And this is no Disneyland Haunted Mansion. It’s a 10-hour descent into your deepest, darkest nightmares.

Think you have what it takes? You may want to think again. So far no one has been able to complete the extreme fear-fest. NO ONE. But sure, go ahead and try, if you dare. I’ll just be over here. NOT doing it.

But first, a few ground rules. According to the McKamey Manor website, you will need to meet the following requirements in order to participate in “The One and Only ORIGINAL Extreme Haunted Attraction and Survival Horror Challenge”:

1. Be 21 and above, or 18-20 with parents approval.

2. Completed “Sports Physical” and Doctor’s letter stating you are physically and mentally cleared.

3.  Pass a background check provided by MM.

4. Be screened via FB face time or phone.

5. Proof of medical insurance.

6. Sign a detailed 40 page waiver.

7. Pass a portable drug test on the day of the show.

There is also a two-hour video which is required viewing. Entitled “And Then There Were None,” it showcases contestants who have attempted, and failed, McKamey Manor. (But who, granted, are still alive, so there’s that).

I mean, just your average, run-of-the-mill, ohmygodImayactuallydiedoingthis requirements. Really, how bad can it be?

Bad. Really freaking BAD.

My first clue? A doctor’s note confirming your physical and mental fitness. Second? A 40-page waiver. 40 pages. Which, according to McKamey Manor employee, Kris Smith, includes the possibility of being tattooed, having your fingernails pulled out, or even dying (because accidents happen).

So yeah. NO.

Russ McKamey, the psychopath mastermind behind the hauntingly horrific experience, tells WFLA News the reason behind his success is his ability to “tap into the fears of everyone that’s come through the manor.” He tailors each experience to the individual, playing on their greatest fears, often using hypnosis to bring them to life.

“When I use the hypnosis I can put you in a kitty pool with a couple inches of water and tell you there’s a great white shark in there, and you’re gonna think there’s a shark in there,” He said. “And so, when you have that kind of power over people, and have them do and see things that you want them to see, then they can leave here thinking it really happened.

Russ videos every tour and posts them to his Youtube page. And not just for the entertainment factor. He does it to protect himself legally.

You’d be surprised over the years how many people have claimed something happened to them inside. And I need to go back and show whoever needs to see it the raw and unedited footage, saying ‘here ya go, here’s the complete show.’

But don’t be fooled. It isn’t all a case of mind over matter. There have been numerous reports of waterboarding, being buried alive in a wooden coffin, and being covered in tarantulas.

Photo Credit: Mckamey Manor/Instagram

If this sounds like fun, you’re fucking crazy. But you’re not alone. Apparently there is a waiting list of 24,000 people. People who WANT to have the literal shit scared out of them. I am not one of these 24,000.

I am the first to admit that I’m a scaredy cat. I blame my oldest sister (love you, Jule). When I was 8 years old, she created a haunted house in our basement for all the neighborhood kids. She blindfolded us and made us touch things she claimed were bloody eyeballs, zombie intestines, and brains. Nothing like a little childhood trauma to make a grown-ass adult still run up the basement stairs in 1.2 seconds. Because BogeyMan, hello.

So this haunted house? No. ALL THE NOES. Every last one of them. You can keep your $20,000, Russ.

But if you’re on the fence and interested in learning more, you can check out McKamey Manor on Netflix. It has been featured on Haunters: Art of the Scare and episode 8 of Dark Tourist. Watch them, if you dare.