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20 Hilarious Tweets About the Madness Of Children’s Parties

Children’s parties are like their very own special kind of torture. Parties are supposed to be fun; however, a children’s party is a special kind of vortex where fun goes to die. Only for adults, though. Somewhere along the line that violently catapults us into adulthood, we lose all sense of fun when it comes to parties full of wild, screaming, sugared-up children.

Maybe it’s because, as parents, we are just tired. So tired.

Or maybe it’s because we’re forced to stand around and awkwardly socialize with other people we have nothing in common with, apart from simply that whole procreation thing. Or maybe it’s because birthday parties are a genuine madhouse where rules and order and chaos mean nothing. All that matters is chaos and screaming.

So. Much. Screaming.

However, despite the craziness, we endure these things regardless. All because we love our kids and want them to be happy. Even if that happiness costs us our hearing, our sanity, and our Saturday afternoons.

At least we have humor and the camaraderie of other parents to help us cope. Here’s what some of the funny parents of Twitter had to say about the absolute insanity that is children’s parties.

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20 Hilarious Tweets About the Madness Of Children’s Parties

1. There’s a special place in Hell for people who give out whistles

2. There’s a very specific chain of events that happen at these things

3. Guaranteed, less is more with this crowd

4. Plan your theme around your existing decor


6. Fun fact: it’s ALL of them

7. I co-sign this idea

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8. God, it feels good

9. You live your life your way, I’ll live my life my way

10. It could go either way

11. Let’s petition to change the name

12. Everyone is yelling and slightly insane

13. Who doesn’t like a fun size candy bar?

14. #marriagegoals

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15. Seriously. Why so popular?

16. That’s the theme every year

17. Just take it one step at a time


19. This checks out

20. The truth is, they won’t really care. And that’s ok

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Children’s parties are a special kind of madness.

Yet we keep doing this shit, because we love our babies, and dammit, we’re happy they exist!

If you know someone who could use a LOL while they sneak out of little Timmy’s 4th, be sure and share this list!