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18 Tweets to Make You LOL While Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung, and so have your cupboard doors… must be from all that junk you’re holding onto that rightly belongs in the “JOY NOT SPARKED” pile. Looks like it’s time for spring cleaning!

How spring cleaning is even a thing is completely beyond me. Cleaning in general never seems to fucking end, so when did we decide that hey, on top of all that shit you seem to be doing, how about you do some other shit too?

Spring is known for rebirth and new beginnings. I guess that’s why people see it as a good time to sort their shit and start fresh with a blank slate. Nothing goes better with the sound of newborn chirping birds like the harried screams of a tired mother shout-hollering to her preteen to open a fucking window because it smells like a decrepit tennis shoe farted out a heap of compost. Mmm, so fresh and so clean, clean!

From the depths of your closets to the outskirts of your yard, ’tis the season to get your poop in a group like a proper organized functional human adult. But since you’re likely to take a few internet breaks, here’s a list of tweets that’ll help you get your cackle on while you’re tossing toys.

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1. Productivity is essential

2. Unless all this drama ends up with a cleaner happy ending then IDGAF

3. If you miss a year, it’s cool, nothing’s going anywhere

4. Spring cleaning… it’s the gift that keeps on giving

5. It’s important that you pace yourself

6. Maintaining your… yard… is important

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7. It’s like trying to race a bomb fuse


9. Always do your part

10. I mean, nobody can do it all

11. My vote’s for leaving

12. This might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship

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14. Multi-tasking is always appreciated

15. It’s never too early to roast your mother

16. Spring thawing is full of old treasures

17. Ok, maybe not all of it is treasure…

18. OK, but this yard work ain’t gonna do itself sooo

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Spring cleaning – because what the hell, I’m sure your place is probably trashed!

Make sure you share this with all your funny friends because hey, I’m sure they have spring cleaning they’re avoiding too.