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18 Hilarious Memes About Getting Kids to Go the F**k to Sleep

Bedtime. Next to the sleeplessness of those first few months after bringing home a newborn, bedtime is quite possibly one of a parent’s greatest challenges and nightmares.

Just when you think you’ve finally gotten the kids wrangled, changed, washed, and brushed for bed, they pull out some ninja-level aversion tactics to delay sleepy time for as long as possible.

Already read a bedtime story? Too bad. They want 65 more.

Think you’ve put on their favorite PJs? Nope. Just as soon as you’ve got them on, they suddenly want the other pair.

Pretty sure they drank enough at dinner to survive 5 days stranded in a desert? That’s adorable. Because now they need no fewer than 73 glasses of water or they’ll die. DIE.

Yep. Bedtime leaves parents frazzled, beaten down, and asking God what they could possibly have done to deserve this level of torture.

There is good news, though. You may be suffering, but you’re not suffering alone, and we know because we’ve gathered some of the most hilarious memes that accurately reflect the struggle that is getting kids to go the fuck to sleep.

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Every night we’re strugglin’.