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14 Tweets That Show Just How Obsessed We Are With Our Pets

Pets are the best because they love us unconditionally, even when we are grumpy and buy the cheapest pet food at Target.

Pets are awesome because they love us unconditionally, can’t really talk back, and will usually eat whatever slop is on sale at Target. Really the best. Unless they whine to go outside at 6 a.m. on Saturdays. Or take up one entire side of the bed. Or pee on the rug more often than the toddler. Or chew up your brand-new shoes.

But other than that, the BEST. Which is why we are freakishly obsessed with them, sometimes love them more than our own kids, and include them in the holiday card. I mean, the dog doesn’t play Fortnite all day, leave dirty cups all over the house, and ignore my existence until he’s hungry. Just sayin’.

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So here are 14 funny tweets about how much we love our pets, even if they make our eyes swell up with allergies, refuse to let us sleep, and shit on other people’s lawns. Nothing but love.

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In the end, our pets save us on our worst days. You know after your boss yells at you and your shitty coworker Dan drops the ball and you have a headache and your kid forgot to tell you he has a giant school project due in like 15 hours, your dog will be happy to see you, shower you with slobbery kisses, and make it all better. Even though he’s another mouth to feed and you may have lto follow him with a plastic bag around the neighborhood, you know you’d rather deal with his shit than asshole Dan’s bullshit at work, right?

Thanks, pets, for your unconditional love. Right back atcha.