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12 Tweets About The School Car Line To Read While You Idle

Have you ever thought, “Hey, driving is difficult, and parenting is difficult- if only there was a way to combine them?” Well, probably not because you probably aren’t a masochist. And yet, the car line exists!

The car line is that special place where dreams of being a calm and gentle parent/driver go to idle, then die. It’s a place where you can see survival of the fittest in action. How can so many people be getting it so wrong? YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG, KATHY! ORDER. MATTERS.

The car line is where you can see that you don’t need brains to procreate. The car line is where you’re infinitely tested. The car line is where you go to drop off your kids dressed like a thrift store reject pile.

The car line should be a place of order and rules, yet it often can feel like a lawless no-man’s land, where driving best practices and common human decency simply don’t exist. It’s like a whole other dimension of fuckery and frustration. If Hell is an amusement park, there is most definitely a car line ride.

However, it’s a great way to lead by example. Show your kids that rules and order matter. Show them how to stay calm. Teach them that mama don’t play when it comes to car line brawls… no, wait…

If the car line is frustrating for you, then you can at least take solace in the fact that you aren’t alone. Here is what the funny parents of Twitter have to say about the absolute shitshow that is the car line!

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12 Tweets About The School Car Line To Read While You Idle

1. It’s where you learn to get in touch with your emotions

2. It’s a place where time drags on… and on, and on

3. It’s where you learn things about yourself

4. It’s a place where rules should be followed

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5. A place where you can show your bangin’ personality

6. A place to keep things brief, for the love

7. It’s a place for constructive criticism

8. A place to get tough love’d when it comes to time management

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9. A place to be free

10. And to show where you really belong on the food chain

11. The car line is THE place to be petty

12. And the place where garbage clothes are pretty

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