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Hilarious Memes About Scaring Off Friends By Getting Weird

Making new friends is no easy feat, but for some of us it’s even more difficult. You see, some of us suffer from a condition known as “overshare-itis,” which means we really can’t be asked to have a filter when it comes to keeping our TMI shit inside when meeting new people.

Although folks claim to be into honest, genuine kinda bitches, the truth is that there are very few people who know how to react to getting someone’s full life story, including all the crazy bits, on the first date.

If you are the kind of person who tends to let all that word-vomit flow when you are in brand new social situations, then I hear you, sis. In my experience, it usually comes from a place of anxiety, but holy hell, is it ever an uncomfortable flaw to have. In my own experience, I tend to focus very hard on not saying something weird and crazy during these conversations, then all of the sudden I realize I’m three minutes deep into a tirade about how dairy makes me farty.

Although oversharers can be quite jarring, the truth is we are just like you. We need friends too, and we are willing to do anything to make them. Anything but keep our weirdo mouths shut, that is.

Some people know how to behave in society, but then some of us just can’t hide who we are. Wild, wacky, and a little bit mental. To know us, you have to accept us. Oversharing, weird stuff and all.

The thing is, weird people make great friends! It’s certainly never boring, considering you never know what we might say next. And the fact that we are willing to get weird and bare it all immediately? Sounds like the kind of trusting, non-judgmental soul you need in your life, hmm?

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12 Hilarious Memes About Scaring Off New Friends By Getting Weird

1. Translation – I am a deeply emotional person who had the courtesy to muffle

2. We want to get to know you quick. That’s efficiency

3. We are a whole breed unto ourselves

4. Men aren’t exempt either

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5. We really want to just share our moments with you

6. And although we try and hold back we just ooop

7. We really do have a lot that we can share

8. A table with us is certainly a full one

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9. What we lack in conversational prowess, we make up for in gross anecdotes

10. You didn’t ask, but we will give it to you anyway #generous

11. It can be a superpower in unwanted social interactions

12. And at the very least, hey, at least we’re consistent

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So take some time to show some love to the weird bitches in your life!

And if you don’t know one, then it’s probably you. Welcome to the fold!