And the most important question is... who's gonna clear that shit for us STAT if we die unexpectedly?
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These Hilarious Tweets Will Remind You To Clear Your Search History

The modern world is a carnival of technological marvels. Which is great, considering the fact that the “new normal” is gonna rely heavily on technology for keeping us social, employed, and informed. However, the downside is that all that activity can be tracked, held, and used against you should someone get their hands on the list of all that weird shit you’ve been looking up.


While it’s wonderful that we can have such a wealth of information at our fingertips, it can be a mixed blessing when your visiting mother-in-law can stumble upon the fact that you looked up “chloroform,” “best clit vibrators,” and “do alligators have spleens” all in the same day. *shameface*

So although we have the ability to learn and look up practically anything, the question is are we using this power wisely? Or are we simply creating a paper trail that makes us look like sex-crazed sadistic maniacs with murderous tendencies and a deep thirst for all things strange?

And the most important question is… who’s gonna clear that shit for us STAT if we die unexpectedly? We used to worry about death due to the mystery of what comes after. Now, we just worry about death because it means we can’t just “clear cache” one last time.

That’s ok, I’ll just add money in my will to pay for the therapy of anyone who sifts through that shit when I’m gone. Consider it a parting gift.

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10 Hilarious Tweets That Remind You To Clear Your Search History

1. The search history is an eclectic mix of shit, much like dreaming.

2. Ok, but this is all very relevant still.

3. The Google search box gets all the shower thoughts you’d never voice.

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4. Let’s go with yes, because you certainly should NOT do that.

5. The pandemic has made us realize just how vulnerable we all are.

6. 10/10 would listen for the sake of preserving the sanctity of their own search history.

7. 100% this. Sorry weirdos.

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8. Only the most important knowledge is sought.

9. Remember if you get caught, your best bet is to COMMIT!

10. If only these existed. Get to work, tech nerds!

Make sure you get busy wiping those search terms!

And don’t forget to share this with a friend — after all, doing so won’t get you on one of those watch lists. Probably.

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