Funniest Memes About How You Can GTFO With That Unsolicited Parenting Advice

One of the most incredible things that happen once you have children is that somehow your every move ends up as community property. When you drop a child from your womb, every person seems to get the signal that you’re super available to listen to their unsolicited advice. Honestly, it’s one of the MOST exhausting things about parenting.

I get it, people think they’re being helpful, but on top of everything else when you’re stressed out, tired, and genuinely wondering if you’re doing everything wrong, that kindly stranger’s advice that you’re screaming ass kid should be wearing the very socks he kicked off 2 minutes ago for the thirtieth time is quite unappreciated.

The truth is, parents would be better off if people kept their comments and opinions to themselves unless approached for guidance. It’s like the shit cherry on the shit sundae you get from the shit circus of being a parent. It sucks. Knock it off.

Now, if you’re a friend or relative of said parent, you can easily find out if your advice is wanted by simply asking. Saying “are you looking for an ear to listen or someone to help sort it out” can go a long fucking way for making you seem like less of an asshole than if you were to just open your mouth and let fly.

10 Funny Memes About How You Can GTFO With That Unsolicited Parenting Advice

1. Take your “helpful advice” and piss off into oblivion please!

2. Oh fun, everything I’m doing is wrong!




4. LOL we’ll take that straight to heart kindly stranger!

5. JUST DON’T! It’s in the code.

6. I’d rather have pretty much anything that this pile of bullshit.

7. Hmmmm, intriguing but big nah.


8. Thanks for nothing, I guess?



10. I’m gonna have to halt your ass right there, pal.

So the next time you see a parent struggling, feel free to throw her a smile or a helping hand.

But please, for the love of God and all things holy- STIFLE THE URGE to give advice, comments, etc. that weren’t explicitly asked for. Especially if you’re a complete stranger. To do so is neither helpful or wanted, so your energy would be better spent fucking off entirely instead. Cheers!