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14 Hilarious Memes About Being Mom-Tired AF

Not to invalidate anyone else’s sleepies, but can we just recognize that “mom-tired” is a league of its own?

You hear about how tired you’ll be as a parent, but truly nothing can prepare you for this. I’m talking literal YEARS of not getting the proper amount of sleep. Drifting through your own life in a daze. Feeling as if your very bones are depleted of energy. And yet having to do it all anyway, because hey, you’re the mom!

Sleep is one of the most common topics of conversation between people and new mothers. Is the baby sleeping? Sleep when they sleep. How are they sleeping? Sleep sleep sleep. Better enjoy it because the only sleep you’ll be getting is in these conversations!

Sure, for some the complete lack of sleep passes after the first year or so. But for others it can go on for YEARS. God forbid you have another one, then you may be able to multiply your years of sleep deprivation into a haunting streak of half-dead despair. If I only had the energy, I’d be more mad about it!

It’s like a rite of passage for parents. Keep this helpless little thing alive while teetering on the brink of death and insanity due to lack of sleep. Good luck and godspeed!

In any event, you aren’t alone. Just left to mutter warnings to other new parents who won’t be able to understand it either until they’re also neck deep in the struggle.

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1. *JuSt sLeEp wItH tHe bAbY* – Bitch, there’s no sleeping here!

2. My superpower is being able to tell how old your kids are based on your bedtime.

3. Feeling cute, might go to bed, might stare at a fucking wall until I feel whole again, IDK

4. A little help would be nice, or maybe my own nap during the crisis times?

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5. “Winning” has a whole new meaning now.

6. We see you, we support you, we are you

7. Hey, a nap is a nap. I’ll take it!

8. For the record I’ve looked like this for YEARS. Keep up!

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9. The best antidote to a tired mom is a sleeping child!

10. The struggle is ETERNAL.

11. If I could go back I wouldn’t do more, just less. While snoring.

12. Having something to look forward to is imperative for your mental health!

13. It’s like another Universal Law, and oh God, I just need some rest, please.

14. Let me just lay here and remember what it was like to feel alive, ok?

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Wishing you happiness, good health, and above all else, SLEEP!

Lord knows it’s what we really want (and need).

However if you are gonna be up all night, maybe give this a share to your fellow sleepless mamas. Laughter is the best medicine, after all!