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You Know You’re a Mom at The Grocery Store When…

Everybody can tell a mom at the grocery store when they see her. Here's how.

Everyone can tell you’re a mom when you’re out shopping. Here’s how:

1. Your purse is full of toys, diapers, sippy cups and goldfish.

2. You drive around for a long time in order to get a parking spot next to a cart corral.

3. You can stack your groceries so well to make room for a toddler in the basket, you would put a Tetris champion to shame.

4. Just when things start to get rough, you stop by the bakery for free  bribery  cookies. (I love you, bakery lady!)

5. You know exactly the right distance to keep your cart away from the shelf of breakables, just in case the temptation becomes too great to reach out and knock a bottle of wine onto the floor.

6. You talk out loud about what is next on your list and whether you should get whole milk or 2%.

7. You make car, choo-choo and fire truck noises as you go from aisle to aisle.

8. You fly a loaf of bread like an airplane into your shopping cart.

9. You push that cart as fast as you can, timing how long you have before a total melt down occurs.

10. You always visit the toy aisle last, if everyone was good.

11. You avoid having to use the restroom yourself at all costs, even if it means doing the potty dance at the deli.

12. You scold any hands trying to play with the card reader or items around the register while you’re at checkout.

13. You complete your shopping trip, put the cart back in the corral, get into the car and realize…you just did all the things listed above, but this time you were shopping all by yourself.

This post originally published on Stay Home Mama.