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You Can Now Make Your Own Bernie with Mittens and Support Charity

To say the #BerniesMittens craze has been a viral sensation is an understatement. From¬† the¬†memes to the origin story of Bernie’s mittens to the crocheted grumpy Bernie doll, we’re gaga for Bernie.

Why have we all rallied around something seemingly so stupid?

Because the world is a dumpster fire, and any reprieve we can get is 100% worth it.

Some people are tired of it already (fun sponges), and while the hype is sure to die down in no time, that doesn’t mean you can’t memorialize this brief moment of unity forever.

Tobey Time Crochet, the maker of the adorable Bernie doll, has released the pattern to the masses so you, too, can create your own Bernie to enjoy for eternity.

Even better? She is auctioning off that doll, and all proceeds go to Meals on Wheels.


The positivity that can come out of the mundane when people come together is inspiring.

To get your Bernie doll pattern, visit Tobey Time Crochet’s Etsy store here.

And to enter to win the original Bernie doll (and make a donation to a good cause), click here.

Isn’t it great when people are awesome to each other?