Which Type of Introvert Are You? This 25 Question Quiz Has the Answer

There are two seemingly “trendy” declarations people make these days: “I’m such an introvert” and “I’m so OCD.”

Many times, people who claim either (or both) of these are actually neither. But that doesn’t mean people who exhibit these personality characteristics or mental health disorders don’t exist.

For my part, I have both been identified as possessing introverted tendencies and mild OCD, and I promise, these aren’t always badges of honor to parade around and display proudly. They each come with their own set of challenges and, sometimes, difficulties that make day-to-day life a hardship.

But there are a lot of good things that come along with introversion, for example. It is not by definition a personality disorder or mental health condition. Rather, it’s simply a personality trait characterized by a preference for focusing on internal thoughts and feelings rather than extraneous stimulation.

Introverts aren’t all the same, though. Some, for example, very much enjoy external focus and interaction, just maybe not to the extent of extroverts (and definitely with equal doses of alone time to recuperate energy). Others prefer very little social stimulation, instead opting for a quiet evening at home with a good book over a loud and chaotic party.

In fact, there are 6 major types of introverts out there, each with his or her own unique defining characteristics.

Are you an introvert? Do you know someone who is? Curious which type you (or your loved one) best identify with? Take this 25 question quiz to find out!