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What Teachers REALLY Think and Feel

There’s this Tumblr blog out there called Teacher Thought Bubble, and it’s HILARIOUS.  If you haven’t seen it, you should totally give it a look-see.  Make sure you’re not sipping on something when you load the site, though, because it’ll just come right back out your nose.

Yeah.  It’s that funny.

Because so many of you enjoyed 20 Things You Should Never Say To Teachers (and because I’ve been dying to play around with animated GIFs), I decided to follow Teacher Thought Bubble’s lead with some examples of what teachers REALLY think and feel when placed in certain circumstances.

(And you thought your teachers were just boring old nobodies who slept in the teacher’s lounge and read the dictionary for a good time on Friday nights.)

This is what teachers think/how they feel when…

…students ask if the tests/essays/projects are graded yet (one day after submitting them):

…someone asks what s/he’s supposed to do immediately after detailed verbal and written instruction has been delivered:

…someone waits until the end of class to say s/he “didn’t know what to do” on the assignment given at the beginning:

…students email something like “hey, what’s my password” from an address such as [email protected] with no name or other identifying information:

…students ask if we’re “doing anything important today”:

…someone who didn’t do the homework claims “nobody knew what to do” despite the majority having completed the work without incident:

…submitted work looks NOTHING like the model the teacher spent hours creating for students:

…parents blame teachers when kids don’t do the work:

…students don’t understand a teacher’s reference to something s/he thought was still a part of pop culture:

…parents overstay their welcome at parent/teacher conferences or curriculum night:

…the teacher runs out of simple ways to explain something:

…students email with questions about an assignment they’ve had for weeks the night before it’s due — AT 11 PM:

…administrators announce a surprise meeting or evaluation:

…somebody says it must be nice to only work from 8-3 every day:

…parents expect teachers to have memorized all 30 kids’ IEPs by week two of the school year:

…teachers find out they have to supervise the pep assembly:

…someone whom the teacher clearly saw cheating argues endlessly that s/he “wasn’t cheating! Nuh-uh! I swear!”:

…somebody says they “don’t feel like thinking today”:

…a student asks what s/he should do about an assignment for which s/he was present when assigned but absent when collected:

…parents claim “every teacher except you” thinks their child is a genius:

…a colleague suggests grabbing a drink after work:

sigh And I’m sure we teachers can all relate in some way to this:

What would you add to this list?

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