Trump Gorilla
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“Trump In The Wild” Is The Nature Documentary We All Need

Trump Gorilla

Donald Trump is at it again.

The overgrown orange toddler has continued his mission to continually show his ass and embarrass America at this year’s NATO summit in Brussels. The news cycle has been a nonstop shit-storm of Trump’s bad behavior abroad.

Thankfully, Funny Or Die is providing some comic relief.

“Trump In The Wild” takes the video of Trump shoving aside Dusko Markovic, the prime minister of Montenegro, and narrates the action as if it were a nature documentary. It’s the best nature show spoof since The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger.

As King Cheeto pushes his way to the front, our narrator intones:

With more mature and competent members of his species forming a defensive wall in front of him, the aging Donald senses he is in danger. Fearful of seeming inferior, he claws his way to the front of the pack and engages a pair of females.

Then we are shown footage of Tiny Hands at the podium, one step away from beating his puffed-out chest like a gorilla, haranguing NATO with the following explication from the narrator:

Unable to assert dominance physically, The Donald tries another tactic: threatening vocalizations.

As fellow world leaders in attendance look at each other with “Get a load of this asshat” expressions, our narrator concludes:

Unshaken by his boastful maneuvering, the other adults can only roll their eyes and mimic the sound of laughter as they move forward in their days’ quest.

Finally, we see a picture of DT cramming chocolate cake into this maw. (He memorably described eating “the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake” while discussing the air strikes against Syria with Chinese President Xi Jinping.)

Exhausted from his journey, The Donald must regain his strength if he is to survive another day.

I could watch a whole series of “Trump In The Wild.” If we have to hear about his childish misadventures every time we go online anyway, it might as well be entertaining.

I would argue that Funny Or Die’s analysis of The Donald’s behavior is more insightful and honest than anything the news outlets are reporting anyway.