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Move Over, Joe-Bama, There’s a New Bromance in Town

Credit: Newsweek

Guys, I love me some Joe Biden/Barak Obama bromance memes.

I miss those two so much. It has been a strange and difficult political year.

First the alt-right UKIP  party led Great Britain into Brexit, then Donald Trump became the US president, and then humanity collectively sighed, “What the actual fuck is happening right now?”

But just when we thought the entire Western world had gone mad, French liberal Emmanuel Macron swooped in to defeat Islamaphobic Marine Le Pen for the office of president, giving France yet another reason to be smug.

We get it, France. You are charismatic and intelligent. You are at the forefront of style, while still being classically beautiful. You are better than the rest of us.You have the best food, the best castles, and now the best political bromance.

Move over, Joe-Bama, Captain Canada himself, Justin Trudeau, has been photographed all over the G7 summit in Sicily, rubbing elbows with Emmanual Macron. I’m calling the bromance “Trudon.”

“Trudon” were said to have chatted about everything from climate change, to the threat of extremism, to the superiority of brie and camembert over cheddar.

Okay, I made that last thing up. We don’t have a transcript of their conversation on record, but we do have the bromantic tweet fest that followed:

“The Franco-Canadian friendship has a new face…@JustinTrudeau, it’s up to us to take on the challenges of our generation!” Macron tweeted about Trudeau.

Trudeau responded: “Sitting down with @EmmanuelMacron for the first time, talking jobs, security & climate -– looking forward to more conversations, my friend.”

Trudeau is known for his inclusive social policies and his, um, assets. Let’s take a moment to admire his strong leadership.

Women everywhere are like, “Mmm. His leadership is so strong. His leadership must work out. I’d like to have a private meeting with his leadership. Is anyone else suddenly craving maple flavored buns? In fact, let’s make it a Trudon sandwich. (Or should I say un Croque Trudon?)

In the next four years, we’ll likely bear witness to a social experiment wherein the US and UK give tax breaks to big corporations and further marginalize the poor, all while France and Canada maintain a reasonable standard of living and dignity for all people. I’m sorry to be living on the wrong side of this social experiment, but I’ll tell you one thing, I have newfound motivation to brush up on my high school French.

“Bonjour. Je m’appelle Madame Trudeau.”

Hey, a girl can dream.