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This Comment Thread with Questions for White People Is Internet Gold

We all have things we’ve always wanted to know about other people but were either too afraid to ask or positive that asking would not only be inappropriate, but also the worst possible thing we could do. So we sit with these questions, maybe do a little research, maybe talk about them with close friends and family as we try to piece the puzzle together, and generally maintain a sense of uncertainty. That’s just life.

But when a Facebook thread that began with an image reading “Okay black people … ask white people one question you’ve always wanted to know” popped up in my feed, I thought, “Can’t resist!” Being a white person myself, I was genuinely curious what black people might like to know. And let me tell you, the comment section did not disappoint.

Not only was it hilarious (and I mean tear-inducing, coffee-spitting, laugh-out-loud hilarious), but it was also informative — for everyone. (For example, I didn’t know white people had a distinct smell or that I should be washing my meat before I cook it — like why? with what? for how long? I HAVE QUESTIONS.)

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Some of the most hilarious comments:

Why can’t ya just say the child is 2 instead of 24 months

Why is it when you in a country bar y’all have maybe 4-5 couple’s on the floor dancing, but when that 30mins of rap/hip-hop come on every last one of y’all come out looking like a scene from “Step Up 7: back to the barnyard…”??

How y’all get the name Dick from RICHARD???

Why do you always split up to look for the killer?

Why do yall call your kids whole name when they upset you or embarrass you? Christopher Daniel Jacobsen..get over here now….And he still ain’t moved…

Hey can one of help me with 401k

Why do y’all elevations of anger go like this
6. “Son of a gun”
5. “Allllllright buckaroo”
4. “You just hold your horses”
3. “Well now wait just a minute”
2. “Newsflash pal”
1. “Listen here buddy”

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Can you please take Iggy Azalea back?🙏🏿

Who tf made green bean casserole

Why y’all wear white socks with shorts? Why y’all eat Hellman’s? What the hell in Tuna salad? Why people don’t think y’all don’t get food stamps? Scoll…why? What we do to y’all? You think we’re cool don’t you?

Why do y’all smile like this when y’all make eye contact with a black person? 🤔

Question: do y’all come out the womb already knowing the words to “don’t stop believing” by Journey or do y’all practice before y’all go to the club just in case? Edit: then after reading this, did you just start humming/ singing the shit out of this song??? 😜

Why do you end arguments with “Okay buddy?!” Or start one with “I tell you what!”

🤔 Why y’all kid’s be in strollers til they 7??

Why do ya’ll get hyped whenever that song “Sweet Caroline” or “Bohemian Rhapsody” comes on?

Why do yall wear shorts in the winter with long sleeve shirts on? Your legs dont get cold? 🤔

Why do y’all come out of the beauty shop looking the same?

Is clapping on beat really that hard?

How do every single one of y’all know all the words to friends in low places

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Why don’t y’all use wash rags? Do y’all stick the whole bar of soap in y’all ass??

How come your churches don’t get lit in the name of jesus

Why do all white women cut their hair like Bruce Lee when they turn 67?

Why did yall literally explore the whole planet in search of spices, but don’t use spices on food?

Why do y’all get this “Where’s your manager” haircut?

That’s advanced white. You have to live in the same hometown you grew up in to unlock that cut

Which one of y’all killed JonBenét

And then the ones that really made this thread awesome:

The UNITY on this post is everything!!! 😩🤟🏼 I kinda want a white best friend now! 🤷🏻‍♀️🥰

I just realized that everyone is asking questions and answering and no ones get offended or being ignorant I love this everyone is smiling and happy while questions and answers are going keep this up and the world will ne a better place make this go Viral…..😄😄😊😊😊😊😊🙏🙏🙏🙏

Loving these comments and how MOST OF US black and white can laugh at ourselves and not take everything so seriously! White folks y’all crazy and black folks we crazy as hell! 🤣🤣🤣🤣wish the world was like this ALL the time

To the white people who aren’t offended you are invited to the cookout 💯💯💯💯 lol

I just wanna say this whole comment section is important . The media keeps trying to pit us against each other but we still know what’s real ❤️#LetThereBePeace #ThisIsTheCookOut

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To see the full thread and laugh your ass off (you know you want to), check it out below: