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These Nails Have Hands And They Will Haunt Your Dreams

Struggling to keep up? Feel like you could use an extra pair of hands? Or how about 10?

Nail Sunny, a nail art studio chain located in Moscow, Russia, is here for you, and you’ve got to hand it to them — they’ve given a whole new meaning to “tiny hands.” My eyes will never be the same, and now, neither will yours. You’re welcome.

The video, simply captioned “hands nail art – yay or nay?” shows the nail artist creating mini hands on each nail fashioned out of long, fake acrylic nails and a nail drill. The results? A manicure for people who have always dreamed of having 10 tiny little hands. So basically, no one. I will never be able to unsee this. Evvv-errr.

Look, I am the first person to wave my hands in the air, yelling, “I could really use an extra pair of hands here!” Just ask my kids. But this? Yeah. No. All the nos. Every last one of them.

Sure, there are benefits. These could take back-scratching to a whole new level. Not to mention the scalp massage you could give yourself in your morning shower. There’s also…oh, who am I kidding, there are no other benefits. These nails? They’re the stuff of Freddy Krueger nightmares. Creepy. The end.

This isn’t the first time the Nail Sunny team, headed by sisters Eleonora and Arina Movsisyan, has shown their nail art to be hands and feet above the competition. One look at their wildly popular Instagram account is all it takes to realize that these Russian technicians are all about the quirky, the crazy, and the horrifying. And that’s exactly how they like it. In an interview with Allure Magazine, they are quoted as saying:

If you have some stupid idea, just tell us about that. We can make a super-cool design after that.

Trust me, they have.

Have you ever seen a “feet manicure”? No, it’s not a pedicure. It’s literally feet. On fingernails. While I appreciate their attention to detail, I am so grossed out right now.

It would seem that there is literally nothing off limits for these artists. One of their most controversial creations included encasing live ants into a set of clear acrylic nails. While the salon swears that no ants were harmed in the process, based on the comments, it would seem that people were not convinced.

Not all of their creations are horrifying. Some are actually useful. Their colored pencil manicure means you will never have to hunt for a pen again. Made out of acrylic, the technician glued the tips of real pencil crayons onto the ends, allowing the model to actually write and draw with them.

In the mood for a bit of vodka and caviar? They have a manicure for that.

Love them or hate them, you have got to hand it to them. Nail Sunny has some interesting manicures to choose from.

Hands down.