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Fidget Spinners for Nails Exist Because the World Makes No Sense and Everything’s on Fire

Fidget spinners. They’re all the rage. My kids have them. My kids love them. And they’re not alone.

While many use them as just toys, others swear they help with anxiety and attention issues, and as someone who needs an outlet for nervous energy myself, I get the appeal. They don’t provide the kind of release I need personally, but everybody’s different.

There is one new fidget spinner trend that I don’t quite understand, however, and that’s fidget spinners for fingernails.

YEP, this is now a thing.

Besides the fact that they look kind of strange (and by “kind of,” I mean “TOTALLY”), I am having trouble working out their practicality.

I mean, I can barely get my contacts in my eyes with my nails clipped down to the nub, for example. So how in the hell is anyone going to manage that with these monstrosities adorning their fingertips? It’d be like taking a tiny helicopter to the eyeball. No, thanks.

And what about diaper changing? One wrong move and some innocent baby’s behind is going to be worse for wear, and that’s not even accounting for the kind of stuff that might get caught in there during said change.

Or what about typing? How do you type with those things affixed to your digits? Do they start spinning around as you peck at the keyboard? That right there would be a distraction in and of itself.

Oh, and hair washing! I have to take my wedding ring off my finger when I’m showering or it’ll get caught in my locks. Imagine getting your tresses wound around one of these. I once saw a video of a girl who had to chop her hair off because she got a round brush stuck in there. A round brush. That’s made to go in hair. But this? Ouch. Hell no.

And honestly, how can anyone take you seriously with those things spinning around on your death talons? It looks like an eagle visited a nail salon on a dare.

Let’s not forget to talk about how they come in regular and glow in the dark. In case, I don’t know, you need to make your way down a dark alley but also have an unrelenting desire to spin something while doing so?


I suppose I should be fair and say to each her own. If you’re looking for something edgy and out there, this is definitely your jam. It obviously takes serious skill to create, and props to those technicians with the creativity to make it happen. The world would be pretty boring if we all had the same tastes, after all.

This just happens to be one of those tastes I don’t anticipate acquiring.