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These Mannequin Challenge Videos Will Blow Your Mind

We need to talk about the Mannequin Challenge. Viral trends come and go, and most of them are pretty lame. (Remember planking?) The Mannequin Challenge, on the other hand, is impressive as hell.

The Mannequin Challenge is a new video trend where people are filmed in live action, but the video appears to be paused. Basically, it’s a bunch of people holding really damn still. Like mannequins. Yeah, that’s it, but it’s amazing.

I can’t imagine having the patience or even the ability to do this. I’m just twitchy as hell in general. I blame it on anxiety and a mild, self-diagnosed case of Tourette’s Syndrome. (The kind where you have repetitive tics, not the kind where you swear a lot. I do swear a lot, but it’s completely voluntary and with great enthusiasm.)

The idea of holding some kind of live action pose while a camera pans around for two minutes blows me away. Check them out!

Destiny’s Child Reunion! (This was the first Mannequin Challenge video I saw, and I didn’t even realize it was live action until I saw the camera flash.)


First Lady Michelle Obama and 2016 NBA champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers, get in on the action.


Hillary Clinton and Jon Bon Jovi. Really. The action in this one is incredible.


Sesame Street and the gang nail it, at least until we get to Bert and Ernie!

Black Lives Matter. Make sure you are watching this one with the sound on. Powerful.


Those were some of the best Mannequin Challenge videos I’ve seen. Which was your favorite?