Stress-Relieving ‘Adult Wrapping’ Trend Might Not Be So New

By Kristine Laco of Mum Revised

An emerging trend in Tokyo is bound to catch on in North America: “Adult Wrapping” is the newest therapy healing treatment offered to new mothers in Japan. Patients take turns wrapping each other in enormous cloths while in the cross-legged position. From there, they rock back and forth, presumably to make their bodies heal.

I asked mothers at the local play park to determine if this is something they would try. I was startled to discover that it is not, in fact, new.

“Are you kidding me?” stated Alexa. “I’ve been hiding in blankets ever since my baby started walking and talking,” she continued. “These women finally get what they’ve been missing out on.”

It seems the trend of curling up small and hiding under a blanket, rocking back and forth, is common, mostly among the mothers of toddlers and teens.

“I don’t know how any mother gets along without their ‘Mommy isn’t here’ time,” another mother, Jessie, who has three teenage boys, added. “I figure anytime my boys see me, they are only there to ask for the car keys or money, so I just curl up as small as I can get and roll myself in a blanket. Finally, we are ahead of Japan in technology,” Jessie laughed.

On an unrelated note, I asked Jessie what she was doing in the park if her kids are teens. “That is simple. This park is the only place that will accept me carrying a traveler of spiked coffee.” Several women in hearing distance cheered their thermal mugs and took a celebratory swig.

I even interviewed several children in the park. It appears that there is an epidemic of missing mommies when the kids need someone to play with.

“I can never find Mommy when I want to play Frozen,” stated one girl wearing a princess dress, calling herself Elsa.

A boy, claiming to be The Real Batman and wearing the costume to prove it, was also helpful in telling this reporter that “Sometimes I am talking about Minecraft with Mom and then I can’t find her. It is like she disappears and then reappears when it is wine-o-clock.”

Well, Tokyo moms, there you have it. Your trendsetting days may be over. Moms here have been wrapping for years.


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