Some Hidden Gems to Stream This Weekend on Netflix

My streaming habits border on embarrassing. After the kids hit the bricks, I usually stay up until about 3 am rotting my brain. Therefore, I find myself scraping the dregs of my multitude of streaming services as I run through shows and movies so quickly. I’ve watched a LOT ranging from excellent to couldn’t even finish. I figured I’d save you some time, as I’m sure you have more important things to do than watch bad movies.

These are all titles currently streaming on Netflix that maybe slipped under your radar. You may have scrolled past them and weren’t sure if you wanted to invest your precious time. I’ll keep the list light for right now so as to not overwhelm, but enough to give you options. In the future I’ll add titles from other streaming services like HULU, HBO, Prime, Showtime, and Starz.

What’s On Netflix

Den of Thieves– action/thriller– I had zero expectations heading into this one, having never heard a single word about it. I figured it was a typical straight to on-demand action flick that would probably not be worth my time. Maybe it was the low expectations, but I was very satisfied with it. The pacing is good, the suspense is consistent, and the acting lead by O’Shea Jackson Jr. and Gerard Butler is better than one would expect.

Bandits– dramedy– This isn’t a new movie, but I don’t hear people mention it a lot. The plot is basic (a couple of bank robbers fall in love with the same woman- what could possibly happen?), but the chemistry between Billy Bob Thorton, Bruce Willis and Cate Blanchett is spectacular. The acting is superb and the story line is enough to hold your interest for the duration.

The Interview– comedy– I recommend this movie only if you are into absurd comedy and enjoy Seth Rogen and James Franco. If that’s the case, this is a gut-buster. Franco plays a superficial tv journalist with Rogen as his producer. The duo finds themselves conscripted by the government to assassinate Kim Jong Un. It’s really just a buddy comedy with a ridiculous plot, but the laughs are aplenty if you’re into this sort of thing.

Goon– comedy/sports– Stifler (Seann William Scott) stars as a directionless meathead who finds himself recruited to be a hockey enforcer for the local minor league team. Basically he doesn’t know how to play hockey, but he is an excellent fighter. Hockey is such a fast-paced sport that it’s difficult to capture on film in an impressive way. Goon manages to do that, and also give us a surprisingly heartwarming tale. You will be surprised by Stifler’s acting range.

Ex Machina- sci-fi/suspense– This is a beautifully shot film about a programmer who is chosen to see this groundbreaking AI project that a reclusive developer has been working on. You don’t have to be techy or into science fiction to enjoy this movie; it is kind of like a Black Mirror storyline.

So there you have it. Hopefully there’s a gem here you haven’t seen and will enjoy. Go ahead and watch one or two this weekend and put the others on the back burner. In the meantime, I’ll put together more titles you might find interesting. Happy viewing!