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SNL Spits Hilarious Truth About Comfy Pants in Nike Leggings Skit

SNL Nike Leggings Skit

Who says diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Amateurs, that’s who.

Every mom, single woman, college student, and pubescent teeny bopper on the planet knows the real deal. Hell, I’d even wager that a few menfolk out there have got this thing figured out — and not as it pertains to the ladies in their lives. ForĀ themselves.

That’s right. Forget diamonds. The real way to a woman’s heart is through a good old comfy pair of LEGGINGS.

Sure, these things are marketed for stuff like yoga and running and kickboxing and UGH, I just pulled a muscle thinking about it. But the majority of us use them exactly as God intended — and that’s for lounging around, taking up space on the good side of the couch (or chasing tiny tyrants around the house if we have kids, which, let’s be honest, is a pretty good workout in and of itself).

That’s why SNL’s Nike Leggings skit is pretty much the best thing since — well, since we got our latest pair of loungewear, really. I swear, I piddled a little in my athletic wear as I sipped on my glass of chardonnay, legs splayed across the love seat with my smart phone in one hand and an obscene amount of popcorn in the other.

Oh, I was working on my fitness all right. Fittin’ this huge hunk of hilarity in mah funny bones HAHAHAHAHA ok, that’s terrible. I’m so sorry.

All horrendous jokes aside, SNL gets the award for spot-on comedy. Take a look for yourself below.

Oh, and guys? The next time you want to impress your lady friend with your thoughtfulness? Buy her a nice chunk of priceless jewelry, but also WRAP IT IN LEGGINGS.

I got you.