Quick And Easy Dinners Your Kids Will Never Eat

Quick And Easy Dinners Your Kids Will Never Eat

By Kristine Laco of Mum Revised

There are plenty of quick and easy dinners and websites that will help you plan your meals for the month. Trying to spice up the everyday is a constant challenge for parents around the world.

Luckily, we dont have to suffer the regular Taco Tuesday any longer. With the thousands of recipes on the internet for weekday meals, cooking for the family has never been easier or more creative.

Be prepared for the plate push. Enjoy the gag reflex. Things are about to get real.

Eggplant Meatballs

It is meatball Monday at our house, but the standard white pasta, bottled sauce and meatballs made with things like meat were getting predictable. I spiced it up a bit with this humdinger: eggplant meatballs containing no meat so, technically, they are eggplant balls.

Sounds yum? Wait for your kidsreaction. With this divine combination of eggplant, eggs, breadcrumbs and spices, your 60 minutes of sautéing, rolling and spicing will be an under-table treat for the dog that will later be found in the living room.

Tofu Tacos

Is Taco Tuesday getting boring? Try tofu tacos instead. Start with extra firm tofu and then place the whole thing in the trash. Enjoy!

Anchovy Caprese Paninis

Wednesday is a bit of a rush at our house, so it is traditionally grab-and-go panini night. Instead of the chicken and cheese we normally put out, I tried to expand our pallets with an anchovy caprese panini.

The salty tears really complimented the capers.

Octopus Chili

When the end of the week is near, my patience for making a good hearty meal is shortened. I often turn to the trusty can opener for chili to get us through the night. The slow simmer warms up the house and makes everything smell delicious.

Try this variation to ensure you will be ordering out: octopus chili with potatoes. Peel the Yukon Golds, open a can of navy beans, and a can of octopus in olive oil. Grab the phone.

Cran-Turkey Kale Pizzas

Friday is pizza night. We have tried the traditional cheese and even spiced it up with a slop of pepperoni on occasion when we are feeling feisty. But this Friday our kids will not be eating whole wheat cran-turkey kale pizzas.

Start with whole wheat pitas, top with alfredo sauce, plenty of chopped kale, and turkey breast. Adorn with brie cheese (be sure to keep the rinds attached; kids love those) and some cranberry sauce. Heat your garbage at 400 degrees and throw it out after you call Dominos.

The weeks meals cost a whopping $35 to feed a family of four, which is not bad. The replacement pizzas, PB&J, and fast food will be $82.99 extra.

For my part, the kid liked the meals this week because they included fries, burgers, sandwiches and chicken fingers and requested tofu tacos and octopus chili again.

The racoons loved the anchovies and turkey but spit out the fucking eggplant balls.


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